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The principals of Spinnaker, Katie Monks, Tina Williams and Doris Steele have over twenty-five years experience in the property management business, including quality experience managing residential condominiums, rental property, homeowners’ associations and cooperative communities. Spinnaker’s current clientele includes Cherry Hill Condominium Association - Section I, Inc., Section II Inc. and Section III Inc., Woods at Rhinebeck Condominium II, High View Estates Owners Corp., H.V.E Corp., Dalton Farm Homeowners’ Association and Parr Valley Condominium Association. Check 'Property Listings' for a complete list.

Beyond providing the day to day property management services for the above listed properties, we have worked with condominium associations and attorneys on complicated legal matters affecting the Association, amended condominium by-laws, successfully achieved large property tax abatements, and worked with Sponsors during the planning stages of proposed projects.

As documentation of the quality property management services that are provided by Spinnaker, see our listing of our current clientele contacts. Please call some of our references so they can attest that Spinnaker’s greatest assets and strengths are an excellent financial background, attentiveness to details, thoroughness and timeliness.

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